Akrox Fanzine

What the hell is an Akrox?!

Akrox is a Hamburg-based, German fanzine mostly about Punkrock and Hardcore. Starting in autumn 2003, there have been eight issues released so far (11.2015). Akrox is not focused on music only, nor does it claim to be a journalistic masterpiece (but a masterpiece for it's own!). It's all about fun for readers and writers. The style was until #6 a mixture of old fashion cut and paste and PC-laid-out pages, produced in copy shops. Issue #7 is the first Akrox that was completely made with Photoshop and printed professionally (it's cheaper... sadly).

I have to say that about 90% of all articles until now where written by me, ElMicha, but thanks to a few friends it's not a complete ego-zine. Would be boring wouldn't it? In my free time, I work as a web designer so my life is not that spectacular to fill a fanzine every couple of months. That means that the Akrox is released only every &%§% years (the longest no-Akrox-period was 5 Years - until now). I'm doing it for fun and when I don't want to write something, I just don't write.

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